Technology @ Wohlsen

The Right Tool for the Job

Wohlsen works with many Virtual Design/Construction (VDC) technologies. However, we understand that technology is simply a tool.

Our People: How people work with technology is what really matters when implementing technologies on projects. Ensuring that we equip our people with the right tools and training is our primary focus and what we believe will drive results for our clients.

Our Process: We believe that technology tools work best when implemented early in the planning process. This is as true for BIM Coordination between trades as it is for basic collaboration around drawings and information. Wohlsen aims to become the collaboration hub to ensure informed decision making regarding schedule, cost, and more.

Our Partners: Partnerships matter when implementing emerging technologies. That is why Wohlsen maintains a deep partner network to ensure that we can meet the unique needs of our client’s project.

VDC Capabilities

Next-generation Collaboration

BIM Coordination

3D Laser Scanning

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