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Historic Architecture – North Mulberry Street

Lancaster City has no dearth of historical buildings and homes that were artfully designed by talented architects and continue to stand the test of time. During the late 19th century...

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Brubaker Run and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Why the Chesapeake Bay Matters As the largest estuary in the United States, the Chesapeake Bay is home to a diverse population of plants, animals, and people. If you live...

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Unsuitable Soil to Solid Ground – What is Dynamic Compaction?

Optimizing Land Land has always been an important part of Lancaster County’s history. From the early days, settlers were drawn to the area for its fertile soil, and its rural...

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A Healthy Dose of Creativity!

No matter the project you’re working on, there’s a greater purpose that’s moving the team forward. You’re not just building a senior living community – you’re creating a home. You’re...

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Still Truckin’ – Our 1948 International Harvester Classic

Tucked away in a barn on Lancaster’s Millport Conservancy sat a yellow, 1948 International Harvester Classic. The truck was mired with dust and time and had fallen into disrepair. However,...

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Using Technology to Simplify Next-Generation Construction Tools

Technology is the application of science to assist in practical purposes, meaning it should make life easier, right? But how many times have you forgotten one of the 50 usernames...

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Wohlsen’s Central PA Team Continues to Expand

  Wohlsen Construction has added four teammates to its Central Pennsylvania team to assist in the acquisition, planning, and execution of construction projects to support the region’s continued growth. David...

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2017 Senior Living: The Year in Review

2017 was a very busy year for our senior living sector: 23 projects, 1.8 million square feet $330 million in value, 3 new team members added, and 2 more states...

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