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Construction Intern / Co-Op Spotlight – 2018

Posted in: Teammates on August 14, 2018

Nathan, Estimating Intern

construction internship

Nathan is working with our Estimating Team out of our Operations Center, helping pull together various bids and estimates!

“Over my almost two months at Wohlsen, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a slew of projects with ranging responsibilities. I provided support with takeoffs and subcontractor solicitation and was also responsible for divisions on several bids. So far, I have learned a lot about estimating and the construction industry while working with the estimating team. Working at Wohlsen has taught me about construction and related careers for sure. It has also helped me decide what I want to do and showed me an example of an employer I would want to work for. So far, this has been an invaluable experience that will surely guide my career path.”


construction internship

Seth, Project Engineer Intern

Seth is working on site with our team on the Oakwood Hills project in Mechanicsburg, PA!

“This summer has provided incredible field experience I could have never anticipated. I’ve been working on the site of Oakwood Hills in Mechanicsburg, PA. This internship has introduced me to a handful of role models who have entrusted me with several essential tasks. Equally as important, I’ve seen the different leadership styles and “soft skills” that these men have developed, and I have been integrating these into an idea of the leader I am striving to become. The continual learning experience of this internship has helped me confidently choose to continue down this path of construction management.”


Alexandra, Project Engineer Intern

Alexandra is providing project engineer services for the Sunrise of Fairfield project in Connecticut!

“This summer I had the opportunity to work on the Sunrise of Fairfield job site and was fortunate to have the opportunity to make positive contributions daily. I have a much greater understanding of the responsibilities of a PE and the intricate construction process that could not be taught in school. Everyone that I had the opportunity to speak with, both from Wohlsen and our subcontractors, had very encouraging words and advice. Wohlsen has not only met, but exceeded, my expectations with this internship program. I want to personally thank the entire Connecticut team for their amazing support and daily encouragement throughout this internship.”


construction internship

Gino, Project Engineer Intern

Gino is working with our team in Connecticut at the LCB’s Residence at Selleck’s Woods project

“Interning with Wohlsen this summer has been an incredible experience. While working on the LCB Residence at Selleck’s Woods in Darien, CT, I’ve been introduced and have learned so much about the construction management field. Through thorough quality control, constant interaction with subcontractors, and a plethora of other activities, I’ve become acquainted with working effectively from both in the trailer and in the field. I want to thank the team for helping my knowledge and experience in the construction world to blossom and for being a joy to work with this summer.”


Anton, Estimating Intern

Anton is working with our Estimating team on various bids and estimates.

“My internship this summer at Wohlsen has been a very remarkable experience. I’ve been lucky to be part of the intelligent and dynamic estimating department, and I greatly appreciate all of their support. Every hour of the past 6 weeks was a learning experience. I have strengthened and increased my knowledge exponentially in construction estimating. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in numerous trainings, pre-bid meetings, and multiple quantities takeoffs. Before coming to Wohlsen, I was debating between construction and structural engineering as a career, but now I realize that construction is for me. I look forward to being part of the Wohlsen team in the future.”


James, Marketing Intern

James is working with our Marketing and Business Development team on a variety of brand development and client relations projects!

“Working for Wohlsen this summer has been a huge blessing, as I have gotten numerous experiences that will be helpful in any business situation. Working in the Marketing Department has been challenging with fast-paced days of racing to get a proposal out the door, or slower days filled with writing press releases and designing marketing materials.  I am so thankful for the opportunity and have been continually encouraged by Wohlsen’s efforts for making interns feel like a part of the company.”


Kasey, Project Engineer Intern

Kasey is working with our team out on the Home2 Suites site in Lancaster, PA to finish up this project!

“My experience with Wohlsen so far has been eye-opening. I’ve learned so much so fast working on the Home2 Suites project, like how my civil engineering studies can be applied directly to on-site construction. Working with multiple teams of professionals who are eager to pass on knowledge makes the job encouraging, and being exposed to the construction field has positively influenced my career path significantly. I’m looking forward to finishing up the Home2 Suites project, as well as learning and enjoying the remainder of my internship experience.”


construction internship

Nathan, Field Engineer Intern

Nathan is working with our Self-Perform Concrete Team, working with the team both on and off the field!

“My internship has been a unique experience to say the least! I have found a corner of Wohlsen not many get to see. Working for the concrete division of Wohlsen is the best place I could have interned; I have worked on more jobs than I can count. My time is spent preparing purchase orders, assisting in job start-up checklists, ordering concrete and rebar, and much more. I have also been placed out in the field to understand what I am doing in the office more clearly. I know now that the construction industry is for me, and I hope to continue working for Wohlsen in the future.”


construction internship

Nate, Estimating Intern

Nate is working with our Estimating Team in Central Pennsylvania bidding on a variety of projects across our regions!

“My time at Wohlsen as an estimating intern has been an incredible learning experience so far. Working with the estimators has helped me understand the job and the importance of what they do. This opportunity has challenged me to use my education and prior construction experience as an actual member of the Wohlsen team. I have been responsible for many tasks here such as doing quantity takeoffs, communicating with subcontractors, and gathering proposals. This experience has given me a better understanding of the bidding process and how a project moves from ideas on a page to a finished product. I am very thankful for the support I have received from everyone at Wohlsen, and I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.”


construction internship

Kevin, Project Engineer Intern

Kevin is working with our Central PA region on a variety of local projects.

“During my first month here at Wohlsen I have spent most of my time processing submittals and RFIs, updating drawings, and talking with sub-contractors for The Hill School Dining Hall renovation. I have enjoyed spending time onsite as well, from owner’s meetings to sub meetings and everything in between. I have learned a lot from it. In the coming month I will also be helping closeout the Hershey Towne Square project. It has been a great experience learning about the construction management field. I am thankful for the opportunity to intern here at Wohlsen and look forward to the rest of the summer.”


Sean, Project Engineer Intern

Sean, a project engineer intern with our Delaware Valley region, is working on the refresh project for Capital One’s offices in Wilmington.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the team here at Wohlsen. While being on the Capital One project, I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous trainings and meetings. I have been able to better my knowledge on safety, submittals, transmittals, professionalism, and the overall construction process. I greatly appreciate that I have been treated as a vital member of the team through everyday interactions and the responsibilities. I look forward to everything the rest of this summer at Wohlsen has to offer.”


construction internship

Jacob, Project Engineer Intern

Jacob is a project engineer intern with our Maryland region, contributing to our various projects in the region and getting experience with construction technology.

“I’ve been an intern at Wohlsen for a month working on the UMMS project at 900 Elkridge Landing Road, Springwell Senior Living, and Broadmead Retirement Community. My responsibilities have included, but were not limited to, assisting with submittals, RFIs, updating drawings, and using Ricoh Theta S to photo-document progress throughout the building. Each jobsite I visit has been an enjoyable experience because I get to see a different aspect of the construction process. This internship has given me insight into my future career path in the construction industry, leading into a management position.”


construction internshipAbbegayle, Project Engineer Intern

This is Abbey’s third summer working as a construction intern with Wohlsen! This year, she’s working with our Central Pennsylvania region on at a student housing complex at a local private boarding school.

“This student housing project was the first project I worked on with the Estimating Department two summers ago during my first internship with Wohlsen. I’ve been involved with the project through the many phases of estimation, procurement, and now construction. This summer, as a project engineer intern, I’m finding it to be a truly unique experience to be on site, learning all about the project engineer responsibilities. My wonderful teammates have been helping me develop the skills necessary to be a part of the project team. I especially enjoy walking the jobsite, documenting our progress in photos and speaking with the subcontractors about what they accomplished this week and what they will be working on next week. I look forward to watching the project progress over the course of the summer and am very excited to once again be a part of the Wohlsen team.”


construction internship

Andrew, Project Engineer Intern

Andrew is a project engineer intern at our Atria Lafayette Hill project in our Delaware Valley region.

“So far with Wohlsen Construction, my time at the Atria Lafayette Hill project has been full of great experiences and great people. Working with the team has been a pleasure and an honor. In four weeks, they have taught me so much of what a project manager does day to day. My responsibilities have been assisting the Atria team with submittals, RFIs, updating drawings, and calling sub-contractors when needed. As my internship continues, my goal of becoming a project manager continues to be grow. I’m very happy to share my last summer internship with Wohlsen Construction. I have no doubt, when I go back to school, I will have many good memories to share with my professors and friends.”


construction internship

Joe, Project Engineer Intern

Joe is a project engineer intern with our Central Pennsylvania region, working with out team at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown.

“My time at Wohlsen has given me the opportunity to see many projects in various phases of construction. I’ve learned a lot about the responsibilities of a project engineer, including submittals, RFIs, punch-lists, and now project buyout. I really enjoy learning from everyone at Wohlsen and getting the opportunity to be immersed in the construction management field. My time at Wohlsen has helped with my decision for a future career path. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to intern at Wohlsen and I look forward to the rest of the summer.”


construction internship

Katie, Construction Co-Op

Katie is a co-op with our North Jersey region, working with out team on the various stages of a project’s life cycle.

“My experience at Wohlsen over the past month has far exceeded my expectations. I have worked with the Estimating Team to assist in the bidding process for several projects. Not only have I learned valuable skills in the office, like learning how to do takeoffs, but I have been able to experience other aspects of estimating, such as going on walk-throughs with owners/subs and meeting subs at the Blue Book Trade Show. I am excited to see where my career path leads me and I am grateful to Wohlsen for this incredible learning opportunity.”

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