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Continuing the Tradition of Long-Standing Buildings… It’s How Wohlsen Works

Posted in: News on March 9, 2017

wohlsen lancasterWohlsen Construction started with humble beginnings. From repairing screen doors to building fences, no job was too small for Wohlsen’s founder, Herman F. Wohlsen. His reputation for doing great work at a fair price allowed his business to blossom, and Herman quickly found himself building some of the finest homes in Lancaster. Many of these still stand, such as his gold-colored home on Orange Street. They serve as prime examples of the beautiful, turn-of-the-century architectural style and remind residents and visitors of Lancaster’s rich history.

wohlsen lancaster

Image of the carriage house as it stands today – a multi-family housing unit.

When the second generation of Wohlsens took over they continued to build beautiful, quality homes in and around Lancaster. As business transitioned to the third generation after World War II, Wohlsen vamped up construction to meet the needs of the GI Bill buyers. During this period, it’s said Wohlsen built 30 houses at a time, finishing some in as little as 15 days. Despite the accelerated schedules, the expert craftsmanship showcased allow these buildings to continue as homes to this day.

Though our present-day focus is on commercial construction, we continue the tradition of expert craftsmanship and quality, long-standing buildings.

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