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Creating Buildings to be Proud of… It’s How Wohlsen Works

Posted in: News on November 29, 2016

St. James Parish HouseThe beautiful, Georgian-Revival-style building is located on one of Lancaster’s most historic acres. Originally, it served the church by providing a beautiful, stately place to assemble. The orphanage was moved to the third floor of this building, and church societies met and choirs practiced on the lower levels. Blessed, but not consecrated, the secular building is still a source of pride to the St. James Episcopal parish.

As a church with a deep history, many Revolutionary War heroes and great Lancastrians worshiped at St. James. Among these include signer of the Declaration of Independence, George Ross, Jasper Yeates, and America’s 15th president, James Buchanan.

The St. James Parish House features a three-story, five-bay façade and was known in its day as “a commanding and attractive structure.” As one of Wohlsen’s earliest projects, it was built with the attention to detail and quality that has grown to define our business.

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