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Construction Intern / Co-Op Spotlight – 2017

Posted in: Teammates on July 24, 2017

Construction Internship

Jessica Poucel, Human Resources Intern

Jessica is a human resource intern in our corporate office. She is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College and is attending Temple University Beasley School of Law.

“This summer at Wohlsen has been a great experience so far. I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple departments, which has deepened my comfortability in an administrative setting. Additionally, I have been able to do some proofreading and editing of documents for both the Safety and HR departments, which will certainly be valuable experience as I head to my first year of law school this fall. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work at Wohlsen this summer, and I’m sure there are more great learning experiences to come as the summer continues.”


Construction Internship

Daniel Norris, Project Engineer Intern

Daniel is a project engineer intern for the Delaware Valley Region. He is a senior at Lehigh University and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering

“I am extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity to return to Wohlsen for a second summer. Being able to see a project out on the site and remotely from an office offers two unique perspectives of a job. The experience and knowledge during my time here far exceeds anything that could ever be learned in a traditional classroom setting. Every single Wohlsen employee I have had the pleasure of interacting with embodies the values the company holds strongest. They have done so much to help me grow, not only as a project engineer, but as an adult. Being able to see the CSC project from start to finish was an unbelievable experience. The team did an incredible job on the building. I looked like a kid walking through Disney World when I got to go back to the site. Thank you, Wohlsen, for another great experience. I am grateful for the time spent here, and I am excited to see what the future holds!”


Construction Internship

Patrick Marenco, Project Engineer Intern

Patrick is a project engineer intern for the Delaware Valley Region. He is a senior at Penn State and is majoring in Environmental Resource Management.

“This is my third summer with Wohlsen, and the experiences I have gained rivals anything I’ve learned in the classroom. I am extremely thankful that I took the internship my first summer.  The responsibility Wohlsen has given me pushed me to perform at a very high level professionally while helping me accrue skills schools don’t teach. I believe my time here has given me a leg up on my peers. ”


Construction Internship

Daniel Gallagher, Project Engineer Intern

Dan is a project engineer intern for the Central Pennsylvania Region’s Messiah College project. He is a senior at Messiah and is majoring in Civil Engineering.

“My experience with Wohlsen this summer has been very enjoyable and enlightening. This internship has helped to shape my understanding of construction management and has offered me the opportunity to work on a site at the school I attend. I have enjoyed the pace of the work and the availability of new and interesting work. It has been a privilege to meet and work alongside many talented individuals who have always sought to leave me with more knowledge than I began this summer with. My time here has truly helped to enrich my ability as an engineer and I am excited to see where else this experience will lead me.”


Construction Internship

Ryan Rhoads, Fild Engineer Intern

Ryan is a field engineer intern at Wohlsen’s project at Williamson College of the Trades. He is a junior at the school and is majoring in Carpentry.

“My internship as a field engineer intern with Wohlsen Construction has been nothing short of thrilling. I am constantly attending jobsite meetings or assisting subcontractors with various work. The hectic, yet structured, jobsite keeps me on my feet at all times. Exposure to the ongoing construction in the field and the operations behind the project has been enlightening. Working together as a team is a necessity.  There is always something to get done, and it has been a pleasure to lend a helping hand. The experience has been incredible. Besides, who else can say they built their schools new dining hall? I have had the opportunity to give back to my school and grow with Wohlsen at the same time. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great company and allowing me to grow both as an individual and professionally.”


Construction Internship

Justin Witters, Project Engineer Intern

Justin is a project engineer intern in our Central Pennsylvania Region. He is a junior at Messiah College and is majoring in Civil Engineering.

“It has been a pleasure returning to Wohlsen for a second summer. It has given me the chance to see multiple parts of the construction process. I found it easy to jump in and start contributing to the project in important ways. I have found that I can always rely on the skilled people here at Wohlsen to help support and guide me as I continue learning the ins and outs of the construction industry.”


Construction Internship

Josh Charney, Project Engineer Intern

Josh is a project engineer intern for our Delaware Valley Region. He is going into his third year of his five-year program at Drexel University where he is studying Construction Management.

“My time with Wohlsen so far has been pretty eye-opening. My co-op last summer was with a local competitor, and though they were an exciting company to work for, I can honestly say that with Wohlsen I am learning ten times more. Wohlsen is really taking the time to help me develop my skills and to really prepare me for the future. Everyone that I have worked with has been very inviting and open to help me at any point. I appreciate the opportunities that have been presented to me and I am excited to see how much more I can absorb with my time at Wohlsen.”


Construction Internship

Emmanuel Quintana, Project Engineer Intern

Emmanuel is a project engineer intern for our Delaware Valley Region. He is a senior at Penn State University – Harrisburg where he is majoring in Civil Engineering.

“During my internship as a project engineer at Wohlsen, I have strengthened my knowledge in construction by handling submittals, keeping track of project progress (steel, concrete, utilities, electrical, plumbing), and every other responsibility I am given as a PE. I also continue to improve other skills every day, such as good communication with subcontractors, time management, and leadership – skills that are necessary to succeed in the construction industry. I am really enjoying the Wohlsen culture and values. The staff is very knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. I am satisfied with all the hands-on/field experience I am getting during this internship. I feel challenged and appreciated for the work I do.”


Construction Internship

Shane Cook, Project Engineer Intern

Shane is a project engineer intern for our Maryland Region. He is a senior at Widener University majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

“During my time as an intern at Wohlsen, I have felt lucky to be in the situation that I am. I have had the opportunity to work on site, full time, as a project engineer. Being on site has allowed me to learn about both the engineering and hands-on side. On the engineering side, I have learned a lot about the submittal and RFI processes. On the hands-on side, I have learned about the struggles of trying to keep a schedule, managing conflicts and managing subcontractors.  Overall, this internship has given me a whole new perspective on the processes involved with construction.”


Construction Internship

Nick Showers, Project Engineer Intern

Nick is a project engineer intern for self-perform group in our Central Pennsylvania office. He is a junior at Penn State University – Harrisburg majoring in Civil Engineering.

“Interning with Wohlsen Self-Perform has been a great experience for me as a civil engineering major. This summer has opened my eyes to the competitive and exciting side of the construction industry, and has increased my knowledge exponentially in the construction management field. I have also met several great role models here, and they have taught me what the “Wohlsen Way” really means. Working with Wohlsen Construction has had an enormous impact on my future in the construction industry.”


Construction Internship

Patrick Stoehr, Estimating Co-Op

Patrick is an estimating co-op for our Central Pennsylvania region. He is a junior at Drexel University majoring in Civil Engineering & Architectural Engineering.

“Working as an intern in Wohlsen’s Estimating department has given me the unique opportunity to learn about the construction and estimating industry while also being directly involved with construction projects around my community. I am a local to Lancaster County and it is always fun to drive by jobs that I have worked on to see their progress.  Before Wohlsen, I would never have been able to tell you what goes in to estimating a job or the functions of each part of a building system.  However, after working here for only a few months I now appreciate and understand how much work and dedication go into estimating a job and now have a good working knowledge of how the different components of a building fit together.  I am very grateful to be a member of the Wohlsen family and look forward to seeing what the rest of my internship has in store.”


Morgan Flynn, Project Engineer InternConstruction Internship

Morgan is a project engineer intern for our Central Pennsylvania region. She is a senior at Penn State University majoring in Architectural Engineering.

“With this being my second summer at Wohlsen Construction, I can honestly say that my internship experience has greatly benefited not only my educational career, but also my overall knowledge as an engineer. These past two summers, I have developed so many skills, and I feel confident and prepared to work in the engineering and construction industry. I’ve loved working on a variety of projects; from a medical office building to a hotel, each project has different challenges and is constantly changing. I look forward to what the rest of the summer will bring!”


Construction InternshipAbbegayle Lutz, Estimating Intern

Abbegayle is an estimating intern for our Central Pennsylvania region. She is a junior at Penn State University majoring in Architectural Engineering.

“Since I grew up in Lancaster County, I am proud to be part of a team that has such a positive impact on my community. Over my two summers in the Estimating Department, I’ve worked on over a dozen different projects and reviewed plans from a variety of different architects and engineers. The experience I’ve gained during my internship cannot be learned in a classroom and is a wonderful foundation for my career. I still have a lot to learn at Wohlsen, but I feel better prepared for the future every day.”

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