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Making Buildings Beautiful Again… It’s How Wohlsen Works

Posted in: News on August 25, 2016

Wohlsen Construction - Jasper Yeates House

In its heyday, the Yeates House was described as “one of the finest townhouses in Lancaster.” This three-story Philadelphia-Georgian-style house boasted two wings, one of the largest legal libraries in the colonies, and prominent guests (and included among those rumored, George Washington himself!). The west wing, facing Mifflin Street, served as the headquarters for Mr. Yeates’s legal practice, where many central figures in colonial America sought his legal advice.

Upon its change of ownership in the late 19th century, the entrance that once welcomed Founding Fathers was replaced with a storefront, and the characteristic peeked slate roof was covered with a fourth floor addition. These changes, along with the gutting of the entire interior, left the Jasper Yeates House a far cry from its colonial glory.

Then, in 1979, the Lancaster Newspaper led the effort to painstakingly restore one of the oldest houses in the area. After the successful historic renovations to Wright’s Mansion and Rock Ford Plantation, Wohlsen Construction was selected to complete the extensive restoration to the 300-year-old structure. The project was researched and restored down to the smallest detail, ensuring that the building would be historically accurate as possible. An exemplary adaptive reuse project, The Yeates House now stands in nearly its exact 18th century glory, reminding the visitors to downtown Lancaster of the city’s rich history.


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