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Making Distinguished Designs a Reality … It’s How Wohlsen Works

Posted in: News on August 16, 2016

This home is among the many memorable Lancastrian mansions that mark the early days of Wohlsen Construction Company, special for its famed architect, C. Emlen Urban. It was home to the Wohlsen family through the early half of the century until 1941 when it was sold to the Red Cross, and has since served as the Central Pennsylvania Chapter headquarters.Wohlsen Construction - Herman F. Wohlsen House

The colonial revival house is famed for his unique designs influenced by historical architecture. The five-bay façade exterior is composed of gold-colored brick and features an ornate front porch supported by fluted columns. From the hipped roof are two gables with an ornate pediment window in between.

Wohlsen built many of Urban’s designs including landmarks like the Woolworth Building, Brunswick Hotel, and Strawberry Street School. Urban highlighted the importance of building “strong and substantial“ which is why so many of his buildings contribute to Lancaster’s historic charm over a century later.

In 1988 Wohlsen Construction was entrusted with the renovation of this delicately ornate, yet sturdy piece of their company’s past. Due to the quality of its original construction, only minor exterior renovations were necessary. A testament to Urban’s celebrated designs, The Red Cross (Wohlsen House) remains beautifully preserved while serving an organization dedicated to helping the people of Central Pennsylvania.

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