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Making Her Mark – A Leader in Healthcare Construction Management

Posted in: Team Members on March 3, 2020

While Construction Management has been a predominately male-oriented profession, many women are embracing this industry that offers many opportunities for growth.  Sarah Kneller, Project Executive with Wohlsen Construction, is one of those women. The Drexel University alumnus began her career in construction after graduation and joined Wohlsen in 2008.  Holding double Bachelor of Science degrees in Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering, Sarah has grown her career with Wohlsen while making her mark in the industry.  Through her dedication, commitment, and exceptional management skills, Sarah has served many of Wohlsen’s key clients and has played a vital role in the successful completion of dozens of projects. Her specialty experience is in healthcare construction, focusing on the intrinsic details that create safe, patient-and-family-friendly, and client-focused environments.  In addition to being a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), Sarah is a Certified Healthcare Constructor (AHA), a LEED Green Associate, and holds a Healthcare Construction Certificate (ASHE), leading the industry with her expertise in a rapidly growing healthcare-construction market.

As a female leader working at Wohlsen, what has been the most impactful event in your career?

With my work in healthcare, I take pride in knowing we are creating facilities that will help people get the care they need.  There is a sense of pride in seeing those facilities in the future, and knowing you played a role in making it a reality.

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