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Still Truckin’ – Our 1948 International Harvester Classic

Posted in: News on March 1, 2018 | By Sara Gambone

Tucked away in a barn on Lancaster’s Millport Conservancy sat a yellow, 1948 International

The 70-year-old truck before restoration

Harvester Classic. The truck was mired with dust and time and had fallen into disrepair. However, it still had plenty of promise. On its doors and back it had the Herman Wohlsen’s Sons logo – Wohlsen’s logo from the mid-century.

This truck had served the company for decades as a tanker, transporting water for masons and also to control dust across dozens of projects. The exact length of time this truck was in commission is unknown, but a long-time Wohlsen teammate remembers it being used as late as 1983.

Since the truck’s retirement, the engine had stopped running and was in need of some serious work. It was towed to Susquehanna Truck Service in Quarryville, PA, where they restored the truck to its former glory.

The restored 1948 International Harvester Classic

The tanker required a new carburetor, major work on the brake system, the replacement of all six tires, and the fabrication of a replica fuel tank from steel. After their expert work, some black paint on the bed and rims, and a good cleanin g, it was ready to go!

Just like all good Wohlsen teammates, the truck attended this year’s Annual Employee Meeting, home among the dozens of iconic yellow trucks that make up the Wohlsen fleet.

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