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Using Technology to Simplify Next-Generation Construction Tools

Posted in: News on February 12, 2018

construction technology on job sitesTechnology is the application of science to assist in practical purposes, meaning it should make life easier, right? But how many times have you forgotten one of the 50 usernames and passwords to log in to a website, or spent more time finding the app you need than actually using it? Technology is changing the way so many industries work, and construction is no exception, but with the number of tools and the amount of information available to us these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Below we’ll discuss our two secrets to avoid feeling inundated and to use these technologies to improve your project in real ways: staying organized and giving the right access to the people who need it.

Getting Organized with Dashboards

Up-to-date information and imaging and around-the-clock collaborative tools are creating a more efficient and transparent construction process, but the sheer volume of these tools can be overwhelming.

In response, Wohlsen utilizes Bluebeam dashboards, a single-source platform custom-made for your project that provides immediate access to key information, cutting-edge programs, and the latest digital master set of documents. Basically, it’s an intuitive tool that serves as the home base for all the information sources the team is relying on.

The dashboard also has access to Fieldlens, an app used by our teams to capture site observations, track and assign work to complete, capture project progress photos, and generally connect the field to the office to the subcontractors and clients in real time.

Putting the Tools into the Right Hands

construction technology on job sitesSounds great, right? But implementing these technologies on job sites can be difficult. Getting these tools into the hands of the people who use them isn’t the same as giving them a desk and a computer. For field talent, the ways to access these tools must be quick, mobile, and durable.

In response, Wohlsen created an on-site tablet docking station where subcontractors and tradesmen can check out tablets that are fully locked and loaded with the project’s most up-to-date information via the custom-made dashboard for the project.

The tablet station puts all of these programs, documents, and apps, quite literally, at their fingertips! With just the press of a button, the field workers can look at the drawings while traveling around the job site, and gives portable access to the 3D BIM, letting workers take full advantage of them on-site.

Practicing What We Preach

construction technology on job sitesOne of the tablet docking station is being used on the in-progress Penn State Health Outpatient Center in Lancaster, PA. Steel Contractor Abner Zook of ELCON Enterprises is one of the many who have embraced the tablets on this project.

Zook integrates the tablet into his work to compare the shop drawings with the latest set of architectural drawings. “I can see what the finished product needs to be and make sure that everything is done right,” he shares. Looking at the iPad, he finished “I have everything I need right here.”

We’ve assembled this system to ensure that our project teams have the tools they need when it comes to construction technology on job sites. This helps them to make smart decisions, reduce administrative efforts, and work from anywhere. We believe this drives project efficiency, accountability, and transparency to deliver amazing results.

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