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Wohlsen Senior Living – Experienced in Delivering a Great Construction Experience!

Posted in: News on November 28, 2016

reese_brianAs you may know, many of Wohlsen’s largest construction projects are for the senior living market. Last year, we constructed over 2 million square feet of senior living space and worked with 25 different senior living communities.

Time after time, our senior living clients tell us how much they like working with us — and their residents tell us how much they love their senior living experience. Happy clients + happy residents always make for a great combination.

There are many complex parts to a senior living construction project that must come together to ensure a great experience for all parties involved. The more experienced your constructions partner, the better the chance your project will be completed as planned — on time, on budget and with no unexpected hurdles.

The MEP Team

One of the biggest parts to a construction project, if not the biggest part, is MEP — mechanical, electrical and plumbing. In fact, 40% of senior living project costs are typically for MEP.

An experienced construction management firm will understand how critically important it is to properly evaluate and plan the design and installation of a client’s MEP. That’s why Wohlsen has assembled an MEP Team, which serves as a valuable resource to our senior living project teams.

Brian Reese, Director of MEP Services, leads our MEP Team. Brian is involved in the preconstruction process and provides analysis of the potential MEP systems, whether it is new construction or a major renovation. His team of five MEP Field Coordinators, is also involved in various ways throughout the entire construction process, providing support for the Wohlsen preconstruction team as well as the project architect, MEP engineers and onsite construction team.

The Process

In more detail, here’s what our MEP team does:

The work begins at the preconstruction phase of our client’s project, but continues throughout the course of the project. Working alongside the engineering design professionals, our MEP Team provides a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the facility’s current and/or proposed MEP systems. They assess start-up, lifecycle and maintenance costs; they evaluate the current comfort level of the residents and factor that into the recommendation and plans for upgrading the MEP systems. They also consider potential constructability issues that could impact the project.

The great part about Wohlsen’s MEP Team is they help the design engineers look closely at the practicality and budget considerations of the proposed systems. Their contributions lead to smarter decision-making and choosing the best possible MEP systems for the client and their maintenance staff.

Choose Wohlsen for your next senior living project!

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