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Wohlsen Senior Living – Providing Innovative Leadership to Construction Processes

Posted in: News on May 24, 2017

The current Senior Living market environment demands innovative leadership. Competition is continuing to increase and margins are shrinking to new lows. For providers, it has become imperative to reinvent the products and services that they are delivering. As an industry leader, Wohlsen is focused on delivering value, collaboration, and innovation in all the services we provide for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast’s most forward-thinking organizations.

Transforming the Construction Experience

Wohlsen Construction is at the forefront of our industry in the development and implementation of Lean/Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) services. Through Lean/IPD, we have empowered our people to create high-performance teams that operate in an environment that fosters collaboration and have encouraged the vested engagement of every member of the project team.

Lean/Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) aligns processes and practices with the people and systems involved, leveraging the skills and expertise of all project participants to maximize value for the client. This method can decrease waste and improve the effectiveness of the project in the design, preconstruction, and construction stages of each project.


Teamwork is at the root of our Lean/IPD approach. In addition to our collaborative work with all the design professionals, we involve key subcontractors and suppliers in the preconstruction effort to gain their perspective as well. From early on, we work closely with all the key stakeholders in order to reduce waste and optimize efficiency.

Big Benefits

Lean/Integrated Project Delivery works because the project is designed and managed collaboratively. This approach provides numerous project benefits throughout the entire design and construction process:
• Reduces the preconstruction timeline and creates a more focused design effort
• Maximizes the budget for the best value
• Ensures the final design meets budget expectations with no surprises
• Efficiently reduces changes during the construction process
• Promotes teamwork
• Expedites final project completion
Bottom line, Wohlsen’s Lean/IPD construction approach provides the client with a higher quality building, completed in the quickest timeline, for the best value.

Entrance Sign Paul's Run

Real World Results

An example of a project recently completed, which utilized Lean/IPD methodology, is the renovations at Paul’s Run Retirement Community for Liberty Lutheran Services. Lean/IPD practices were utilized throughout preconstruction and construction.

Early collaboration with the design team and client during the design phase promoted open communications and an in-depth understanding of the project requirements. Wohlsen was given the task of leading the management of the budgeting process and utilized Total Value Cost Estimating (TVCE) to ensure that the overall project budget was maintained.

Schedule management was accomplished through involvement with Paul’s Run staff, key stakeholders, and utilizing Pull-Planning scheduling techniques. As a result, the schedule was maintained throughout the project duration.


Wohlsen’s approach to every project is one of proactive involvement by a dedicated and experienced team. As an industry leader, our involvement in the development, design, and construction of every project begins with the end goal in mind: to provide you and your residents with a financially viable project that they will be proud to have in their community.
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