Internships and Co-Ops

We’ve all heard it’s important for up-and-coming professionals to have that coffee-fetching internship where A LOT of time is spent with the office scanner, but what’s more important is to have hands-on, real-world experience in your field and a supportive environment to develop professionally. At Wohlsen Construction, our interns are valuable members of our team with compensation and assignments that back that up. If you work for us, we won’t take away your summer – we’ll give you an experience to be proud of.

Wohlsen Construction typically hires eight to 12 summer interns and co-ops. They work as project engineers, estimators, marketing assistants and IT technicians and are employed across six regions. We meet and recruit students during career fairs from over a dozen campuses within our Mid-Atlantic and Northeast footprint. As a result, approximately 100 students are rigorously screened for the coveted positions. This ensures the selection of only the highest caliber of students.

What You’ll Be Doing

“My time at Wohlsen as an estimating intern was an incredible learning experience. This opportunity challenged me to use my education and prior construction experience as an actual member of the Wohlsen team. It gave me a better understanding of the bidding process and how a project moves from ideas on a page to a finished product.” – Nathan W.

Wohlsen prides itself on a highly formalized intern/co-op training program. This program is designed to incorporate the student as a contributing member of the team. To achieve this, each internship/co-op typically consists of the following:

  • Training and orientation to the company and its culture on the first day.
  • Assignment of a mentor who takes the student under his or her wing. The mentor introduces their student to the company and trains them to complete their work assignments.
  • A customized checklist of items to accomplish or learn is issued to each intern/co-op. In addition, the student is expected to keep a daily log of items they complete.
  • “My internship provided me with a greater understanding of the responsibilities of a project engineer and the intricate construction process that could not be taught in school. Wohlsen not only met but exceeded my expectations with their internship program.” – Alexandra P.

    Wohlsen’s interns and co-ops hold weekly meetings. Each student is responsible for facilitating one of these meetings. This involves creating an agenda and delivering a short presentation on something they learned on the job.

  • Half way through their summer, they will have a 1-on-1 progress review with the Training Coordinator.
  • To close out their internship or co-op, each student presents a report detailing their accomplishments and what they learned. In addition, the intern/co-op’s supervisor will complete a performance appraisal on them.

What You’ll Get From It

Wohlsen’s training program consistently receives high marks from interns and co-ops. They frequently comment on how they were assigned real, critical responsibilities, and not just busy work. As a result, our interns and co-ops feel that they made valued contributions. Due to our rigorous selection process and formalized training, Wohlsen can identify the students who would be a great addition to the Wohlsen team. Because of this, we extend full-time offers to a majority of our interns and co-ops upon graduation.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

Take a look at our Intern/Co-Op Spotlight blog, where our interns share their thoughts.

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