QVC, Inc. – Lancaster Distribution Facility

New Construction

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Project Description

Clothing ordered through QVC’s  television marketing is distributed from this steel-frame structure housing a three-story mezzanine, and other areas with shelving from floor to ceiling. Using datarelayed through call center operators,computerized conveyors route the merchandise from the shelving,through a sorter, and onto trucks. The 150,000 square feet of floor had to be super flat to accommodate the narrow-aisle, high-bay storage system. An extensive degree of coordination was needed to complete the project on time, since many equipment items were not in the initial design documents and the conveyor contractor was hired later, requiring major design changes.

Other areas included the following:

  • Connecting two existing buildings
  • Demolition of existing building
  • Cafeteria
  • Locker rooms
  • Offices
  • Employee store
  • Elevator
  • Returns operation area
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QVC, Inc.

Gilbert Architects

Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA

Square Feet
100,000 square feet - renovation
300,000 square feet - new

Construction Time
12 months

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