construction technologyWith Technology@Wohlsen, you can look at and walk through your building before we build it.

In the ever-changing landscape of construction technology tools, it is important that your construction manager understands the value new tools bring to your project. Wohlsen’s process goes beyond the flash and excitement of just using something new – we use them to better facilitate the construction process with more effective team communication and collaboration, managing vital documentation, and overall transparency throughout – leading up to delivering an exceptional product and project experience.


Here are the 4 key benefits to your project when implementing Wohlsen’s Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) technologies:

1. More Certainty

VDC gives clients a very accurate (3-dimensional) model of the finished building – inside at system level and out – for greater certainty in the outcome and increased comfort during the construction phase.

2. Improved Constructability / Reduced Rework

VDC improves constructability as we are able to detect potential clashes and test possible solutions, what-if analysis, and evaluate structural / mechanical components prior to construction. Technical planning up-front avoids costly rework during construction.

3. Greater Efficiency

VDC keeps all information and digital documents in a single place that everyone on the project team can easily access, eliminates steps or reduces the time it takes to conduct certain phases, and helps avoid construction problems that would normally be time-consuming and costly.

4. Complete Transparency

VDC provides transparency of the entire construction process, both managing on-site progress and documentation of all records, for all stakeholders and collaborating trade contractors.

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